Zodiac Go provide various fun and interesting games, it is our best companion during gathering, party and casual time.Zodiac Go! (生肖乐园) 提供多种欢乐有趣的游戏,是大家休闲联谊派对欢聚的良伴.

About The Game

Zodiac Go is designed with Chinese cosmology : the yin-yang energy polarity, the five material elements and 12 zodiac (time). It is a card game system which can play multiple games. Every year new games will be released by designer by using the same system & same components. Below have various games rule books in English & Chinese version.Zodiac Go 生肖乐园取材東方宇宙观,卡牌内容包含陰陽,五行金木水火土和 12 生肖时辰,,是一个可以玩多种游戏的卡牌系统。


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