Zodiac Go! is your best companion during gatherings, parties, coffee breaks or during festivals.This game series consist of various casual games.Zodiac Go! (生肖乐园) 是大家休闲, 连谊, 派对, 欢聚,假日时的良伴。这遊戏卡牌遊戏系列包含多种休闲遊戏。

About The Game

Zodiac Go! is designed with Chinese cosmology in mind: the yin-yang polarity, the five material elements, and the 12 zodiac animals (hours).Every year, more games will be added to the ever-expanding repertoire by the designer using the same card system and components.---Zodiac Go! (生肖乐园) 取材東方宇宙观,卡牌内容包含陰陽,五行金木水火土和 12 生肖时辰。每年,設計師都會使用相同的卡牌系統和同样零件来设计和發布一些新遊戲。


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